Age-Proofing Your Dog

A Feldenkrais Approach to Enhancing Lifelong Health and Vitality


Author: Mary Debono
Media: 4 MP4 Videos in Low Res and Hi Res

This professionally-filmed, 4-video training
will help you and your dog feel better at any age!

Would you like to learn how to help yourself and your dog
feel better and move more freely at any age?

Mary Debono brings deep insight into using a Feldenkrais based approach to working with dogs. Her years of experience have helped her cultivate a special sensitivity to help the movement needs of our canine companions. And the best thing about this program is her ability to convey this deep working knowledge in simple, easy-to-learn lessons for anyone of any level of experience.

Whether you’re a baby boomer with an aging dog or a millennial with a young pup, Mary Debono can help you and your dog get the most out of life. Mary’s unique approach, based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is designed to enhance not only your dog’s health and well-being but yours as well.

Mary will describe how she has helped dogs overcome the effects of stroke, arthritis, hip dysplasia, torn ligaments, aging, anxiety, and stiffness. This dogs−many of whom were considered hopeless cases−demonstrate that improvement is possible at virtually any age or condition.

Using short, easy exercises, you will learn how to improve your dog's mobility and vitality. The gentle, hands-on techniques are designed to feel pleasurable for both you and your dog. YOU can also improve through these lessons so you and your dog can "grow young together."

In Age-Proofing Your Dog, you’ll discover how to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Facilitate healing after injury, surgery or illness
  • Cultivate a deep bond between you and your pet
  • Lessen the effects of arthritis, hip dysplasia and aging
  • Increase the mobility and vitality of older or injured dogs
  • Enhance athletic performance and minimize the risk of injury

Program Includes:

Video #1:

  • Introduction: Two Dogs’ Dramatic Recoveries Using Simple Strategies
  • ATM: Hand Movements to Refine Your Touch and Center Your Intention
  • Demo with Dog: Connected Breathing and Exploring the Ribs
  • Partner Practice with Mary’s Guidance: Connected Breathing and Exploring the Ribs

Video #2:

  • Demo with Dogs: Observing Canine Movement What to Look For and Why
  • Lecture: Helping Dogs Recover from Knee Ligament Injuries; Awareness Through Movement® (ATM): Sliding Hand and Knee

Video #3:

  • Demo with Dog: Using Sliding Hand and Knee ATM and Working with the Spine as a Basis for Hands-on Work with Dogs
  • Partner Practice with Mary’s Guidance: Sliding Hand and Knee and Working with the Spine

Video #4:

  • Lecture: Canine Body Language and Working with Challenging Dogs;
  • Dog Demo: Hands-On Assessment
  • Mini ATM: Awakening Your Sternum and Ribs; Demo with Dog:
  • Mobilizing Ribs and Pelvis to Improve the Spine; Closing Thoughts

Mary Debono is a best-selling, award-winning author, sought-after teacher and Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm. She's been helping improve the movement, health and connection of dogs and their people for over 25 years.

What People are Saying

"Mary is a delightful, compassionate and entertaining teacher. You might watch her video training to learn how to help your dog, and you certainly will.... but you may be surprised to find these techniques will benefit you in ways you did not expect!"

Linda Rulli, GCFP

"Age-Proofing Your Dog is a clear and organized course, and Mary is an engaging teacher. It was helpful to hear how she applies the Feldenkrais Method® to dogs that had a variety of physical and behavioral challenges. I highly recommend this program to others interested in helping improve dogs’ lives!”

John Horne, PT, GFCP

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