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February 22

Al Wadleigh Interviewed by Robert Bowley

Bowley Interview Video Page - Al Wadleigh Interviewed by Robert Bowley

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Table of Contents

00:00 How I Got Into the Feldenkrais Method
03:59 Feldenkrais Classes and Private Lessons
05:50 Do I Work Specifically or holistically?
07:04 About Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
10:25 How does the Feldenkrais Method Differ from the Alexander Technique?
11:34 How do the Mind and the Body Work Together?
13:05 How Does Body Awareness Change Your Habits
14:22 How Does Socialization Affect Our Internal Map of Reality?
16:13 Do Feldenkrais Lessons Resolve Emotional Issues?
20:53 Get an Experience of the Feldenkrais Method
22:32 Final Thoughts

I did this interview with Robert Bowley prior to the pandemic in 2020. Shortly after that, I was finishing our house in New Mexico and getting ready to sell it and move. 

I lost track of the video and recently found it stashed away on another hard drive. So I did a little editing, added some titles and time codes, and here it is. 



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