Backward Standing

Sensing Your Whole Self in Three-Dimensions
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by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

MP3 Download, 2 Feldenkrais Lessons, 1 talk.

Feldenkrais proprioception exercises enhance the clarity and sensations of your backside as you move through space.

What is Backward Standing?

Imagine fully feeling yourself in three dimensions as you move through space. What would it be like to sense your backside as richly as you do your front side? How would that improve your favorite activities?

This pair of curious lessons does just that.

The lessons have an interesting effect on your self-image and self-perception.

Listen to the Introduction

The lessons focus entirely on your backside.

We typically are not that aware of ourselves in the back unless there is an itch, ache, pain, or something that calls our attention.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that we have fewer tactile nerve ending in the back than in our front. (See my article “Sensing Yourself in Three Dimensions” for a more detailed exploration of this.)

The other reason is that we are so frontally oriented. We are always moving forward, looking forward, and interacting with the world in front of us.

We develop a full sense of our backside through our proprioception. You will create a more complete, richer representation of your backside through subtle, skeletal movements combined with heightened awareness.

As a result, you will feel more three-dimensional as you move through space.

Imagine how this will improve your dancing, martial arts, cooking, walking, skiing, and the many other activities you love to do.

One caveat, though. These lessons are done in standing and require much-focused awareness. If you are new to the Feldenkrais Method®, I suggest you start with a more basic series of lessons.

If you have been doing Feldenkrais lessons for a while, then jump on in. You are going to love the effects of these lessons.

2 reviews for Backward Standing

  1. Jessica M.

    This series is fabulous! It does everything it sets out to do and delivers 100%. You have a complete picture of yourself at the lesson’s end and feel yourself more three-dimensionally! This series helped me get through a long and rigorous dance workshop weekender. It would also be extremely helpful for martial artists and any physical activity. I have done these lessons several times, and it gets easier and easier, and as always, I get more and different things each time I do it. I have also noticed helps with balance, an added plus.

  2. Ruth (verified owner)

    Interesting lessons. the backward pecking really helped my neck!

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