Online Breathe for Life Feldenkrais Class

Zooming World-Wide • Starts Wednesday, September 6th @ 11 am

• Price $9/Class Paid Monthly ($10/Class Out of Longmont)
• Wednesdays @ 11am
• On Zoom, Available to Longmont Residents
and World-Wide
• Sponsored by the Longmont Senior Center
• Call (303) 651-8411 to Register

Breathe for Life!

Learn to breathe in an easy way that improves your overall health and well-being. We will explore Feldenkrais lessons that free us from the limitations of our habitual breathing patterns. These patterns develop from our emotions and repetitive movements, like sitting too much. The classes will involve breathing, moving, and thinking and will be done lying and sitting on the floor. You will learn to direct your breath, create ease in your chest and back, and learn to sense and use your diaphragm.

In this class you will:

  • Free yourself from "bad" breathing habits
  • Learn how changing your breath changes your posture
  • Improve you O2 / CO2 exchange for better health
  • Increase the flexibility of your chest and back
  • Learn to sense and move your diaphragm


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