Covering the Eyes

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by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

In this lesson, the excitation of the optic nerve is calmed allowing for the emergence of blackness in the visual field when the eyes are covered.

MP3 Download, 1 Feldenkrais Lesson.

The "Covering the Eyes" lesson is featured in the book, "The Brain's Way of Healing" by Norman Doidge

Covering the eyes, otherwise known as palming the eyes, is an essential metric in this lesson. By covering the eyes, we can track the progressive relaxation of the optic nerve. Because we do a series of specific movements, the optic nerve relaxes. When the optic nerve is quiet, then blackness begins to emerge in the visual field. The actions we do are saccades (jumping movements), vergence, and squeezing the eyes.

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  1. Judy Windt (verified owner)

    Hi Al,
    I downloaded and did your free AY #10 ATM this afternoon. What beautiful teaching! Utmost clarity, and excellent pacing, diction, tone, emphasis. It couldn’t be better! Of course, I had all the expected effects of blackness and deep relaxation.
    Very much appreciated.

  2. Sherry Borcherding (verified owner)

    Nice voice, good delivery

  3. Angela Rudolph (verified owner)

    This is the best “eye-Qigong” I ever practiced!

  4. Kin Yuen Leung (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

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