Easy Hands and Arms, vol. 3


Author: Cliff Smyth
Media: MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons

Cliff has designed these lessons based on his extensive experience with overuse injuries. People with RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, or other overuse conditions will all benefit. These lessons help you discover the connection between your arms and the rest of yourself. In addition, they assist you in learning to involve the legs, pelvis, spine, and ribs with the movement of your arms. You don’t have to suffer from an injury to benefit from these lessons. They will also help prevent hand and arm injuries, keeping you active and doing the things you love to do.

Listen to a Sample

Lessons Include:

  1. Turning the arms together & opposite – 38:40
  2. Softening the wrists – 37:13 
  3. Reaching and rolling – 37:20 
  4. Circles with elbows and shoulders- 39:59


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