Energizing Yoga

The Feldenkrais Way


Author: Donna Ray
Media: MP3 Download or Stream, 2 Feldenkrais Lessons

This audio program features two half-hour Feldenkrais lessons for the Back Bow and the Plow postures.

The Bowing Back

The Bowing Back is an extreme position that yoga practitioners seek to energize their body. Extending and arching the back counteracts all of the bending-forward types of movements that we do every day and greatly improves posture. It is often difficult for people to arch their back and grab their ankles. This Feldenkrais lesson will make it possible and easy to do for many.

The Plow

This pose places the body in an upside-down position. Therefore, the blood supply to the brain is greatly increased. This may enhance clear thinking and memory. Because this movement requires an inverted position, you are lengthening the back muscles and stimulating the network of nerves that connect to the spinal cord. In addition, the compression of the abdomen stimulates the intestines, the liver, the sex organs, and the thyroid gland, revitalizing your entire body. This pose is taught in steps. Each step creates easy access to standing on your shoulders.

Listen to the Introduction

Program Includes:

  1. Yoga – The Feldenkrais Way – 1:52
  2. Gettng Ready – 0:28
  3. Intro: What is the Back Bow – 0:28
  4. Lesson: The Back Bow – 30:06
  5. Intro: What is the Plow – 0:55
  6. Lesson: The Plow – 30:41


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