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June 30

Feldenkrais: The slow road to success in the fast lane

Fast Company

By Lynette Chiang, Fast Company.

I just attended an introductory workshop on the Feldenkrais Method®.

The movements are slow. Very slow. In fact, in a typical “lesson,” you move a limb just the tiniest amount, maybe an inch or less, then move it back. Then compare how your body feels fore and aft.

It’s customary to lie on a bit of thin padding because we tend to flinch and stiffen up when we lie on a hard floor.

But, by the end of the lesson, you’re amazed – you can roll about like a ball of goop on the hard floor. Like a rubbery baby, with no ‘ooooffs’ or ‘yeowchs’. You move with grace and purpose, like a seasoned performer or virtually any member of the animal kingdom who is not thinking moment to moment, “how am I looking?”

What’s this got to do with Fast Company?

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Fast Company

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