Fortune Teller Hands

A Fun Lesson that Creates Ease and Integration in Your Hands, Arms, and Shoulders
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by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

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“Fortune Teller Hands” is a lesson done in a chair that will create ease in your hands, arms, and shoulders. 

The lesson is based on one Dr. Feldenkrais taught: he tells us to put our hands out in front “as though to show a fortune teller” — hence the name.

We explore many ways of moving the hands and arms that create a deep integration into the shoulders and torso. This integration frees us from the constraints of our daily habits and helps us realize our potential for ease and comfort. 

Try the First Variation


  • More flexible wrists
  • Your arms feel lighter
  • Your shoulders relax and feel at ease
  • Gain freedom in your neck

The lesson is unique, fun, and vitalizing!

All you need is a chair with a firm seat and back — like a dining chair.

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  1. Cathy I. (verified owner)

    My hands, arms, and shoulders loved this lesson!

  2. Esther Meier (verified owner)

  3. Iris Evelyn Loy (verified owner)

    Indded a fun lesson and frees so much through shoulders and arms to the hands

  4. Judy Windt (verified owner)

    Al presents the lesson with his usual clarity and excellent pacing. The lesson is fun and holds some surprises—very creative!

  5. KRISTIN JACKSON (verified owner)

    Clear, concise guided lesson. Fun exploration. I’m a Hanna Somatic Educator so I like to blend pandiculations with ATMS so was a great lesson to so, creating even more shoulder range of motion.

  6. Mary H. (verified owner)

    I was so pleased to have purchased Fortune Teller’s Hands and to work through it repeatedly. As a piano teacher, I share the use of our hands with students discovering their own ‘tools’ in the pursuit of musical joy and excellence. As a caregiver lifting a wheelchair in and out of the car, and doing many other tasks which tax the wrists and shoulders, Fortune Teller Hands is also extremely helpful. Thank you.

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