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June 14

How David Ben-Gurion Fixed His Back Pain

David Ben-Gurion Fixed is back pain with the help of Moshe Feldenkrais

David Ben-Gurion stands on his head. Photo credit, Paul Goldman.

A recent article on Ynetnews.com, an Israeli online newspaper, recounted how Dr. Moseh Feldenkrais worked with David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister, and how Feldenkrais helped cure his back pain.

Dr. Feldenkrais work with Ben-Gurion regulary. He praised Feldenkrais, saying he "knows his work well" and "understands anatomy better than any doctor I've met in my life." Ben-Gurion also said, "Before the Sinai War, I suffered from lumbago (acute lower back pain), and he cured me."

"Why did I make him stand on his head? The whole world opposed it," Feldenkrais recounted. "But I told Ben-Gurion, 'Look, you have a small body. You've never been proud of your body, so you neglected it in your youth. Therefore, I want you to do something that you believe you can't do at all.'

'What is that?' Ben-Gurion replied, 'A headstand.' So I tell him, 'You'll do a handstand, and you'll see that you'll do it better than most.' After managing a handstand, he was ecstatic,'"

Read the entire article on Ynetnews.com.


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