Hypnotic Techniques


Author: David Calof
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Learn from a true master of Ericksonian hypnosis in this remarkable program. From Mesmer to Erickson, Calof begins with a history of hypnosis, followed by a wealth of hypnotic techniques. In his own unique and engaging manner, Calof demonstrates direct and indirect inductions, classic hypnotic phenomenon, pre-induction dialogue, and self-hypnotic techniques.

One of the most creative hypnotists I have ever met.

John Grinder

Co-Developer of NLP

The Program Includes:

  • Direct and indirect group inductions demonstrating classic hypnotic phenomenon
  • The history of hypnosis – from Mesmer to Erickson
  • Pre-induction talk and discussion of misconceptions about hypnosis
  • Induction assessment and development
  • Utilization in inductions
  • Demonstrations of indirect and direct inductions
  • Demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena: arm levitation, amnesia, parasthesia and classic stage phenomena
  • Self hypnosis

David Calof is one of the more interesting trainers in Ericksonian hypnosis. He trained directly with Milton Erickson, has a strong background in family therapy and trained extensively with Richard Bandler and John Grinder. He is a capable and original thinker who is warm and available, and most willing to demonstrate.

Steve Andreas

Co-Developer of NLP and Co-Founder of NLP Comprehensive

Audio Excerpts

CD Set Introduction
History of Hypnosis (excerpt)
Approaches to Inductions (excerpt)
Utilization (excerpt)

Milton Erickson once told me that David Calof is one of the most creative young hypnotherapists he encountered in his clinical career.

Frank Farrelly

Author of Provocative Therapy

Video Inductions

These are videos of the inductions David demonstrated during the 1988 workshop. The videos are NOT distributed with the audio program.

Anchoring and Embedding a Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
Pendulum Induction
Overlapping Representational Systems Induction
A Deeper Trance
Passive Resistance and Utilization


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