Integrated Snowboarding

The Revolutionary Indoor Snowboarding Improvement Program


Author: Margaret McIntyre
Media: 3 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons

This revolutionary audio snowboarding improvement program will pre-program your brain and body to improve fundamental snowboard-specific movements and discover ease and power in your riding at any age. Margaret developed this audio series with former National and Amateur Snowboarding Champion Brian Delaney. These lessons combine Feldenkrais with snowboard-specific movement patterns.

Listen to the Introduction

Program Includes:

  1. Introduction – 14:03
  2. Find Your Foundation – 25:27
  3. Tools for Alignment – 23:52
  4. Discover Your Center – 28:28
  5. Oil Your Suspension – 26:15
  6. Power Your Turning Edge – 27:01
  7. Rip and Carve – 29:05
  8. The Delaney Method – 8:49

Margaret McIntyre brings new heights to understanding how to communicate with your muscular system. By unlocking my overworked muscles, the techniques used in Integrated Snowboarding create a physical sense of buoyancy that has a direct and positive effect on the quality of my riding.

Chris McNeil

Editor and Publisher of Snowboard Magazine

Balance and awareness are the keys to solid riding, Feldenkrais helps with both. By making me more aware of my body and movements, I can pinpoint the areas of snowboarding I can improve and refine my technique. 

Kurt Hoy

Champion snowboarder, former coach to US Snowboard Team

Thanks to Margaret and Feldenkrais, the learning curve for snowboarding is very fast indeed. It was amazing how much easier it was to make the moves on the hill after doing the little movements indoors.

Cathy Halstead

Artist and enthusiastic snowboarder


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