Integrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head and Knees

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by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

Separate and integrate the movements of your eyes, jaw, head, and knees. Ease TMJ issues and discover new freedom of movement in the neck and shoulders.

MP3 Download, 1 Feldenkrais Lesson.

I taught this lesson back in 2011 at the Chilson Senior Center in Loveland, Colorado. I had forgotten about it until my former student, now practitioner, Susan Steel, taught it at one of her practicums for her training. She had messaged me and told me people were interested in its source.

Well, the source was me. It was one of those days where I hadn’t prepared a lesson for the class. I thought, “I’ll just go in there and see what comes of it”. And this is what came of it. A very cool and intricate lesson separating and integrating the movements of the eyes, jaw, head, and knees.

After Susan told me she taught it I asked her to send me a copy. Within a few days, the original CD that I printed for her (I used to record and sell CDs of my classes to my students back in those days) arrived in the mail.

Eventually, I got around to doing it. And I have to say, it’s a pretty cool lesson!

Benefits of this lesson:

  • Ease TMJ issues
  • New freedom in your neck
  • Create lightness in your chest and shoulders
  • Increase your ability to turn
  • Gain a more complete sense of self


15 reviews for Integrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head and Knees

  1. Moyra Earnshaw

    Thank you, I really enjoyed this lesson. It’s so simple and feel good. I’m going to teach it this week.

  2. Jenne Lewkowski – Occupational Therapist (verified owner)

    The lesson – “Integrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head, and knees” provides the perfect pathways to the “basic milestone” of human beings. This is a very clever combination that moves us through a sequence of natural neuro-developmental patterns into a state of ‘achieving excellence’.

    Al’s voice is clear, resonant and pleasing. He provides “just rights challenges” regarding speed and execution.

    Easy, powerful and effective.
    Thanks Al!

  3. Ryan Nagy (verified owner)

    I sometimes have this weird disconnection/limitation that pops up in my left hip joint from time-to-time and playing with this jaw, head, eyes, knees session was awesome. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Jane Brooks (verified owner)

  6. Marie-Claude (verified owner)

    Didn’t do much for my soar neck and shoulder, but was a blast for my lower back! Very fun to do with lots of differenciations.

  7. Kevin Laing (verified owner)

    Brilliant for becoming aware of and releasing those tight muscles connecting the eyes to everything else.

  8. Kin Yuen Leung (verified owner)

  9. Neville S. (verified owner)

    This is probably the first of many

  10. Heidi Klaming (verified owner)

    I felt more integrated

  11. Sarah Smith (verified owner)

    Love love love

  12. jeanne b. (verified owner)

  13. Teresa Hunter (verified owner)

  14. Donna McDougall (verified owner)

  15. Jeanne-Véronique Watters (verified owner)

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