Ep 1: The Importance of Resting

Why rest? When to rest? How does resting improve learning and productivity? There is resting as in naps, and there are rests that help us learn. Waking rests helps improve and integrate what you were just doing—facilitating learning. Resting can reset the brain and nervous system for improved performance.

Ep 2: Finer Distinctions for Improvement

We discuss a concept Dr. Feldenkrais presents in his book Body and Mature Behavior. Which is that there are two paths of development. One is the pathway of improvement in which a person continues to make finer and finer distinctions. The other is the pathway of decline in which a person lumps their experience into larger and larger categories. We discuss this in reference to movement, the Feldenkrais Method®, and hobbies such as painting, gardening, and building. 

Ep 3: Your Jaw

We discuss the functioning of the mouth and jaw. What is the relationship between the jaw, neck, and eyes? How does the pelvis influence the functioning of the jaw? What part does the tongue play in a well-organized jaw? We discuss and explore these ideas in this podcast, which introduces our audio program, Release Jaw Tension Now.

Ep 4: Reversibility

What is reversibility? Dr. Feldenkrais considered this an essential concept of the Feldenkrais Method. We give examples and do some explorations with reversibility. We also discuss good posture, cultivating quality movement, and choice. We end with how the method is generalized to daily life and how the benefits show up spontaneously without practice.

Ep 5: The Mind and The Brain 

How does the mind influence the brain? It was a widely held belief that the mind was a result of the brain, and the mind could not reflect and affect the functioning of the brain. It was just around 2000 that this belief started to change. Dr. Feldenkrais understood this decades ago and applied the idea of using the mind to change the brain in his Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® work. Dr. Feldenkrais is considered one of the first neuro-plasticians.

Ep 6: Mindsets and Priming of Mental States

We talk about the work of Alia Crum and the studies she has done on mindsets and their influence on our health and biology. We get into the effects of social suggestions on aging. We discuss auto-suggestion and how health care providers could improve their communication skills. We return to Dr. Feldenkrais and his interest in auto-suggestion and hypnosis and how these concepts became influential in developing his method.

Ep 7: Your Brain Cannot Think Without Motor Movement

A fundamental concept of the Feldenkrais Method is the brain cannot think without motor movement. We get into this concept through some movement explorations and discussions. We talk about thinking, feeling, sensing, and acting and how we move our attention to these different domains of experience as needed in our daily experience. Shifting our attention like this is primarily outside our conscious awareness. However, we can bring this process to consciousness. Donna guides us through a series of imagined movements that make this phenomenon more explicit. 

Ep 8: The Importance of Differentiation

Differentiation is a crucial concept in the Feldenkrais Method. We discuss and define differentiation and give lots of examples and a guided movement experience so you can sense the differences. We discuss differentiation in emotions, movement, thinking, and sensing.

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