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Bridget Quebodeaux

Bridget Quebodeaux is a Feldenkrais Practitioner with over 15 years of experience. She began her Feldenkrais training while studying acting at Depaul University in Chicago. After completing a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in New York, she earned a Master’s degree from California Institute of the Arts in 2000 and a Masters degree in Psychology in 2013. She currently practices psychotherapy and has a private Feldenkrais practice in West Los Angeles, California.


Bridget Quebodeaux

Anatomy of Attunement

A Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement® series for psychotherapists


Author: Bridget Quebodeaux
Media: MP3 Download, 5 Feldenkrais Lessons and PDF Transcript

Bridget Quebodeaux

Posture with a Purpose

A Whole-Self Approach to Improving Posture


Author: Bridget Quebodeaux
Media: MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons

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