Online Feldenkrais Floor Class – Regain Your Youthful Movement

Feldenkrais Zoom Class
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• Price $9/Class Paid Monthly ($10/Class Out of Longmont)
• Tuesdays @ 10am
• On Zoom, Available to Longmont Residents
and World-Wide
• Sponsored by the Longmont Senior Center
• Call (303) 651-8411 to Register

“I’m feeling differences in all my everyday movements like getting up and down off the couch and moving in the kitchen getting dinner. I was looking for a little relief; I didn’t know I would get a transformation.”

– Lea Murray

Longmont, Colorado

As we age, our abilities decline to compromise our balance, range of motion, and our adaptability to new situations. Turn back the clock with Feldenkrais exercises. Each class explores a new movement sequence that invigorates your brain and nervous system with new ways of organizing and sensing your movement. The result? A more youthful feeling of movement improved balance and a better outlook on life. Experience the benefits of Feldenkrais exercises in the comfort of your own home.

• Tuesdays @ 10am
• On Zoom, Available to Longmont Residents and World-Wide
• Sponsored by the Longmont Senior Center
• Cost for Longmont Residents: $28-$35/Month
• Cost for Everyone Else: $32-$40/month
• Register with the Longmont Senior Center
• Online or Call to Register online or call (303) 651-8411

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10 reviews for Online Feldenkrais Floor Class – Regain Your Youthful Movement

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  1. Mary Tradii

    Simple movements reap great results. Feldenkrais gently improves my mobility.

  2. Jan W

    Al’s lessons well paced and his directions are easy to follow. After two months of weekly classes, my posture and balance have improved and my lower back pain has nearly vanished.

  3. Marty Baker

    I have been taking Feldenkrais classes for several years. I have osteoarthritis and this practice works well for me. I always feel better and more flexible after class. I feel it has helped me to maintain a more active life. I’m grateful to be able to attend classes again. Marty B

  4. Gail Thompson

    I have really enjoyed Al’s chair classes because he selects lessons that help all kinds of movement, and his teaching is very creative, comprehensive, and precise. Al takes good care of each of his students. I have learned a lot and look forward to continuing with his classes.

  5. Hazel

    I really enjoy the learning experiences in this floor class as it demonstrates how I habitually use my body in certain ways. On occasion, it seems to bring me sensations that are almost meditative in their pleasantry and breath aspects that allow me to focus on non-cerebral states of somatic awareness given Al’s soothing and relaxing speech habits that guide us. The after-effects of Al’s classes encourage me to think more about posture, breath control, balance and doing more with my body’s non-dominant side to help alleviate some physical problems. I look forward to attending these classes virtually or in person again some day.

  6. Elizabeth Dunn

    A wonderful class to develop a new awareness of movement and how neuro pathways can be strengthened. I have much less back and hip pain when hiking or gardening.

  7. Jessica McCarty

    I absolutely LOVE this phenomenal class!!! Thanks to this class; I’m experiencing real, substantial relief (from pain) for the first time. This class transforms you from the inside out. The instructor does a fantastic job. His mastery on the subject translates into an extremely smooth and expertly guided lesson. I’m both amazed and satisfied with how much progress I have already made. This class is more than worth it; take the dive, try it out!

  8. Laura N.

    Al’s lessons are wonderfully uplifting, literally and figuratively. I often walk much taller with much more awareness, pleasure, and grace. Thank you!

  9. Neonila ‘AUGUSTA’ Martyniuk

    I find the weekly class restore my sense of body movement. Al’s voice and word choice makes it easy to follow during the instructions.

  10. lrsonfb

    Al’s February 22, 2022 lesson culminated in a whole-body side stretch that can only be described as exquisitely calming and healing. Usually, side-lying lessons are painful for me due to arthritis of my pelvis, and my hips often feel like they’ve wandered off by themselves to experience that pain.This lesson left my entire pelvis feeling loose, mobile, quiet and present in my awareness. I’m always grateful for Al’s insights at the end of a lesson, and those of the other students. As always, my gratitude!

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