Relax Your Back with a Roller

Exercises and Strategies to Eliminate Pain
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Author: Pamela Kihm
Media: PDF eBook, 59 Pages, Illustrated

Relax Your Back with a Roller isn’t just an exercise book! What you will gain is important knowledge that you can apply throughout your day to mitigate back and leg problems, and prevent future back and leg pain. The 28 lessons use a 6-inch Styrofoam roller and are loaded with keys for being active and comfortable throughout your day.

Table of Contents

  • How This Book Can Help You
  • Read with Your Knees Supported by the Roller
  • Sit with the Roller Supporting Your Lower Back
  • Comfortable Posture, from Bottom to Top
  • Free Your Shoulders & Your Back, Part I
  • Free Your Shoulders & Your Back, Part II
  • Rotate Around the Roller in a Sitting Position
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  • Look Up with a Comfortable Lower Back and Neck
  • The Roller, a Table, and You
  • Flexibility for Better Balance
  • Flexible Feet for Comfortable, Powerful Walking
  • Knee Alignment for More Comfortable Back and Legs
  • Roller Against the Wall Part I
  • Standing on Roller
  • Roller Against the Wall Part II
  • Roller Against the Wall Part III
  • Leg Bending to Lengthen and Relax Your Back
  • Leg Lengthening to Relax Your Back
  • One Leg Resting on the Length of the Roller
  • Regain Flexibility Along Your Spine
  • Relax Your Back by Resting Your Front on the Roller
  • Arms on the Roller While Kneeling
  • Relax Your Back by Sinking off of the Roller
  • On Your Side, Arm on Roller
  • Lie on the Roller to Relax Your Back, Part I
  • Lie on the Roller to Relax Your Back, Part II
  • Lie on the Roller to Relax Your Back, Part III
  • Lie on the Roller to Relax Your Back, Part IV
  • Lie on the Roller to Relax Y our Back, Part V
  • Postscript
  • About the Author and the Feldenkrais Method
  • Glossary


How This Book Can Help You

When Chicago’s Relax The Back® store asked me to write this book, I enthusiastically responded. Countless physical therapists and Practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education, myself included, are using Styrofoam rollers as a therapeutic tool to speed the recovery of those with various back and leg conditions.

This book was written to be used with a 6″ diameter roller, 36″ long. However, you can adapt a narrower roller to use for these lessons by wrapping it with foam rubber and a folded blanket.

You’ll notice that from time to time I’ll refer to the exercises as lessons. This isn’t just an exercise book. Part of the therapy you’ll gain is important knowledge to apply to move throughout your day.

Nowhere through these pages are you encouraged to use the roller to force improvement? Instead, approach every exercise with a sense of exploration each and every time you use your roller. You’ll discover that being more gentle with yourself will exponentially fast-forward your return to comfort.

People always ask, “How many times should I repeat each movement?” I answer, “As long as it’s interesting to you.” In other words, don’t exercise mindlessly — especially when your goal is to help your back be healthier and more comfortable.

Within these pages you will discover:

  • Your roller can assist you to position your body in ways that are more healthful for your spine — for your whole body.
  • You can use your roller for easy exercises to speed your recovery from back and leg pain.
  • These gentle exercises will restore flexibility you may have thought was gone forever.
  • Practicing all that you learn through this book can prevent future episodes of pain.

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