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June 30

Review of Sex: The Feldenkrais Way

Donna Ray

From The Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, Winter 2009.

“Sex-The Feldenkrais Way for Women, The Tidal Forces of Sex” (12 Tracks, 63 minutes) and “Sex-The Feldenkrais Way for Men and Women, Discover Your Sexual Presence, Touch, Curiosity and Satisfaction” (11 Tracks, 76 minutes) audio tracks narrated by Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T. $16.95 each.

Donna Ray is a psychotherapist and a 20-year practitioner of the Feldenkrais technique. Both audio tracks are based on the teachings and work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. She explains on Track 1 of both CDs the history and background of the Feldenkrais Method as well as the development of her program, relating awareness through movement (Feldenkrais philosophy) with sexual performance to enhance the sexual experience. The focus is on slow, gentle, rhythmical movements to promote a decrease in muscle tension, increase in body awareness and body image, and encourage attention to the present all in a non-threatening environment to increase sensitivity and experience the satisfaction of orgasms.

Both CDs are formatted similarly with an explanation of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle’s location and action followed by four distinct lessons ranging from 10-20 minutes. The lessons are structured, progressive, and easy to understand. However, the movements included in the program may require varying amount of time and practice based on individual learning, and there is no evidence or research that proves these techniques will work. The narration guides the individual through various poses and positions. The majority of the positions in Sex-The Feldenkrais Way for Women are in hook-lying, while Sex-The Feldenkrais Way for Men & Women alternate between seated, semi-reclined, and supine positions. Varying combinations of PC contractions, pelvic rocking, pelvic circles, bridging, and deep breathing to name a few techniques are utilized to introduce a feeling of relaxation and heighten pelvic floor awareness. Both CDs are accompanied by light guitar music that plays intermittently between lessons.

These CDs are clearly patient focused. There is no research cited in the material sent or during the audio narration. These CDs are wonderful resources for audio guided imagery of pelvic floor muscle awareness/relaxation and overall general muscle awareness. The CDs are focused on increasing sexual pleasure. There is no specific reference to pelvic pain or pelvic floor muscle spasm although it does appear that it might be helpful for this patient population. Easy to understand, the portability of a CD allows the individual to use it in the comfort of their home or as an adjunct to a therapeutic treatment program.

Ting-Ting Kuo, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT, New York, NY


product review, sex, sexuality

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