A Mid-Summer’s Dream ATM Intensive, vol. 3

The Rhythmical Breathing and Primary Image Series


Author: Dennis Leri and Carol Kress
Media: 2 MP3 CDs or MP3 Download, 20 Feldenkrais Lessons


The “Rhythmical Breathing” and “Primary Image” Series.

The third installment of the Mid-Summer’s Dream ATM® Intensive presents two synergistic Awareness Through Movement series “The Rhythmical Breathing” and “The Primary Image”. Through these lessons, you will gain a sense of “mature” action — that is, action open and responsive to the present moment.

“The Rhythmical Breathing” lessons will leave you with a palpable sense of effortless breathing. You learn what Moshe Feldenkrais meant when he repeatedly said: “don’t breathe.” Of course, he didn’t mean to hold the breath, but rather to have the truly liberating experience of breathing without the “breather.”

“The Primary Image” lessons help you develop the dynamic essence of your self-image — “the five cardinal lines.” Any real change in yourself always clarifies and refines your Primary Image. The deep synergy of the two series is experienced as unencumbered breathing is a prerequisite to maintaining a stable yet dynamic Primary Image.

In addition, nine compelling lessons complete this Awareness Through Movement intensive series. These lessons supplement and augment the two series by providing both breadth and depth to the learning experience.

Listen to a Sample

Lessons Include:

  1. Front, Leg Arcing – 44:53
  2. Breathing Rhythmically #1 – 47:25
  3. Primary Image #1 – 48:19
  4. Edges of the Feet – 53:16
  5. Primary Image #2 – 58:06
  6. Sliding the Hands Along the Leg – 42:17
  7. Standing Up from a Chair with the Legs Crossed – 59:39
  8. Breathing Rhythmically #2 – 41:50
  9. Primary Image #3 – 43:40
  10. Front – Coming to Stand – 39:26
  11. Breathing Rhythmically #3 – Both Sides – 46:31
  12. Side Lying, Standing the Lower Leg – 40:51
  13. The Toad Lesson – 48:33
  14. Primary Image #4 – 41:29
  15. Breathing Rhythmically #4 – Twisting – 52:41
  16. Gluteus to the Maximus – 51:14
  17. Breathing Rhythmically #5 – Pressing and Breathing – 48:51
  18. Primary Image #5 – 55:21
  19. Differentiation in Turning – Arm, Head & Leg – 46:12
  20. Primary Image #6 – Tanden Point – 51:13


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