Anatomy of Attunement

A Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement® series for psychotherapists


Author: Bridget Quebodeaux
Media: MP3 Download, 5 Feldenkrais Lessons and PDF Transcript


Authentic connection is a state of being that can be deepened through spontaneous expressions involving physical movement. Infant and animal behaviors demonstrate that reading and responding organically to and through non-verbal communication is natural to all of us. Physical habits and muscular holding patterns developed over time, however, can impact access to a free and easy exchange of these non-verbal behaviors.

Psychotherapy research suggests that well attuned non-verbal communication on the part of the therapist, including the perception of and expression through facial movements, gestures and body positions, can enhance the therapeutic alliance and contribute to improved outcomes including the “re-wiring” of attachment patterns and enhanced functioning of the client’s internal regulating system.

How can therapists raise their awareness of physical responses in both themselves and their clients and allow for reciprocal and therapeutically effective non-verbal communication?

This series consists of five Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons designed to stimulate the neural substrate required for effective non-verbal engagement (via movement explorations involving the muscles of the face, spine, and breathing apparatus) toward the goal of corrective relational experiences in therapy.

Listen to the Introduction

Table of Contents

  1. Opening Credits & Acknowledgments – 01:04
  2. Introduction – 04:54
  3. Lesson One: Turning the Head with Ease – 21:04
  4. Lesson Two: Converging and Diverging the Eyes – 15:00
  5. Lesson Three: Freeing the Jaw – 22:11
  6. Lesson Four: See Saw Breathing – 11:30
  7. Lesson Five: A Gentle Touch Brings the Body to Life – 23:28


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