Author: Alan Questel
Media: MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons


Breathing is a measure of your well-being. It’s an indication of how you feel and is intrinsically connected to all of your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Breathing is the single thing you have repeated more than anything else in your life. Which makes it your most practiced habit…because ‘how’ you breathe is just that, it’s a habit!

And this means it is something you can alter, change and become better at. Breathing is also something that has numerous ‘rights and wrongs’ attached to it. Rather than finding the single ‘correct’ way to breathe, through Feldenkrais® – Awareness Through Movement®, you will explore various aspects of breathing, what it is comprised of and how you actually do it.

Concrete things you can do and pay attention to breathe better beyond just inhaling and exhaling!

You will discover more choices in how you might breathe depending on your mood and the situations you find yourself in.

Program Includes:

  1. Introduction - Humor, Liking yourself more, kindness, The Feldenkrais Method, Breathing, How to do it
  2. ATM 1 - New paradoxical breathing
  3. Discussion – More choice, Try different things, but not to keep yourself as you are, Playing with your tongue, Walking & talking
  4. ATM 2- Pressing and lifting your ribs with breathing
  5. Discussion - Drifting off, Just asking is enough, Pain and distribution, Experimenting
  6. ATM 3 - Your pelvis and breathing
  7. Discussion- A device to orient us, Disrupting our usual relationships
  8. Intro to ATM 4 – The inhale, exhale & the pauses
  9. ATM 4 – Breathing rhythmically #1
  10. Discussion - Pauses, You’re the expert!, When not to pause, My swimming, Find your own way, What makes something right? Breathing, feelings & humor
  11. ATM 5 - Filling the lobes of the lungs
  12. Discussion - Yawning, The air in our lungs, Increasing the exhale, My yawning game, Sucking air in, Mother Teresa’s
  13. Intro to ATM 6 - What we are doing, what interferes
  14. ATM 6 - The sphinx
  15. Discussion - Importance of language, Choice, Saying things in more than one way, Feeling taller, A sense of space
  16. ATM 7- Breathing rhythmically #2-Pressing & lifting
  17. Discussion – What makes things different?, What’s possible in ATM, Attending to more than one thing, Patience training
  18. ATM 8 - Threads and gentle fingers
  19. Discussion & goodbyes - One sided lessons, The ‘right’ way of breathing, more tools and kindness!!!


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