Creating Creativity Audio

Embodying the Creative Process


Author: Alan Questel
Media: 5 CDs in Binder or MP3 Download, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons


At times in our lives, being more creative is something many of us wish for. But how do we access it? Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons can help you explore, further understand and realize your creative potential.

We will look at some of the foundational aspects of what it means to be creative and how we can more fully embody the creative process. As you become more present, you will gain insight into your own process and appreciate how you can create your creativity.

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, an enhancement of your sensitivity and a revitalization of your own uniqueness, this audio program can most definitely be the catalyst to what you are looking for.

Listen to the Introduction

Program Contents:

  1. Creativity…are you creative? – 16:42
  2. ATM 1: Generating Choices – 45:42 
  3. Discussion – 03:25 
  4. Discussion: Intro to ATM, Compulsion, spontaneity, the moment of creativity and habits – 06:29 
  5. ATM 2: Exploring the Habitual and the Non-Habitual – 27:59 
  6. Questions and Answers – 08:18 
  7. ATM 3: Rolling Your Head and More – 34:02 
  8. Discussion – 01:33 
  9. ATM 4: From Your Belly to Surprise! – 37:01 
  10. Discussion: More on the Process of Creativity – 18:43 
  11. Discussion: What is the Feldenkrais Method? – 02:02 
  12. ATM 5: Intention, Action and Context – 31:22 
  13. Discussion – 07:26 
  14. Discussion: Intro to ATM, Where Are We in Our Process? – 01:12 
  15. ATM 6: Beginning, Middle and End and Back Again – 19:22 
  16. Discussion of ATM – 04:40 
  17. Discussion: Intro to ATM, Sustaining Our Selves in the Process – 02:33 
  18. ATM 7: Finding Your Skeleton – 31:25 
  19. Goodbyes – 00:46


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