Effortless Use of the Arms and Hands, vol. 1

Musicians & Computer Keyboard Users


Author: Mary Spire
Media: MP3 Download, 5 Feldenkrais Lessons


These innovative and potent Feldenkrais lessons focus on how to use the powerful, strong muscles of the lower back and pelvis to free the neck and shoulders, thus reducing the strain in the arms, fingers, and wrists. These lessons are especially beneficial for musicians, for people who work at computer keyboards and for anyone who wishes to improve the use of their arms and hands. By improving posture, breathing, coordination and thinking as you learn to move in new ways, you can prevent injury and improve your performance skills.

Listen to a Sample

Program Contents:

  1. Lengthening the Spine – 34:32
    On the back, rocking movements connect the head and pelvis while softening the rib cage.
  2. Increasing Mobility of the Chest – 37:04
    On hands and knees, flexing and extending the spine. 
  3. Rolling Fists – 50:27
    In three positions, increasing the mobility of shoulders, arms and wrists. 
  4. Flying Lesson – 46:30
    On the belly, extending arms with bent wrists. 
  5. Dominant Hand – 43:51
    On the back, delicate and subtle movements of fingers, wrists and arms dramatically reduce chronic tension throughout the body.


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