Feldenkrais as a Business – eBook

Guide to Success


Author: Terri Rossi
Media: Book, PDF ebook, 29 Pages

This guide helps new Feldenkrais practitioners and trainees run their Feldenkrais practice as a business. Finally, an adaptable ‘best practice’ approach to making your work measurable and repeatable using forms to document client goals, practitioner strategies, and session results. Learn how to professionally handle common business situations like late cancellation, no-show, dissatisfied client, client thank you, referral thank you, consent to work with minors and more. 

Included Forms:

  • Client Information
  • Media Release Minor
  • Media Release
  • Session Chart
  • Session Note
  • Updated Status Basic
  • Updated Status Combo
  • Work With Minor

What People are Saying

Terri has brought a simple-to-use electronic format for notes and paperwork to the Feldenkrais® Community. Following the student process and maintaining a record of sessions and the lessons have eluded many of us in our profession. Terri has developed a tool to enhance our business skills and assist us in furthering communication with our students while keeping track from one lesson to the next. We don’t have to struggle with the lack of templates and business organization and can now make our daily practice flow with ease. Thank you, Terri!

Nancy Haller

FGNA President

This ebook provides a much-needed resource, especially for beginning practitioners like myself. It gives me a good structure of simple ways to handle business situations professionally so that I can serve my clients well and keep my sanity. I also love that the book opens one’s eyes to creative ways of tracking clients’ progress and strategies. Overall great resource to help me focus my energies on reaching more people with my work in a productive way!

Shrutee Sharma

Feldenkrais Practitioner

Table of Contents

  • Introduction – 1
  • Documentation to Build Trust – 1
  • Forms Can Remember for You – 1
  • Make Outcomes Measurable and Repeatable – 2
  • Creating Client Confidentiality – 3
  • Using Forms in Your Business – 4
  • Choosing Paper or Electronic – 4
  • The Process Flow – 4
  • Types of Forms Recommended – 4
  • Client Information – 4
  • Client Updated Status ─ Basic and Combination – 5
  • Session Note – 5
  • Session Chart – 6
  • Consent to Work with a Minor – 6
  • Media Recording Release for a Minor – 7
  • Media Recording Release – 7
  • Sample Forms – 8
  • Sample Client Information: Client 1 – 8
  • Sample Client Information: Client 2 – 9
  • Sample Client Updated Status – Basic – 10
  • Sample Client Updated Status – Combination – 11
  • Sample Session Note – 12
  • Sample Session Chart – 13
  • Sample Consent to Work with a Minor – 14
  • Sample Media Recording Release for a Minor – 15
  • Sample Media Recording Release – 16
  • Resolving Client Conflicts – 17
  • Late Arrival Client – 18
  • Client is Now Late – 18
  • First Time Offenders – 18
  • Repeat Offenders – 18
  • Late Cancel Client – 19
  • First Time Offenders – 19
  • Repeat Offenders – 19
  • No Show Client – 20
  • Unhappy Client – 20
  • Seek Client Clarification – 21
  • Determine Client Resolution – 21
  • Referral Thank You – 23
  • For Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners, FGNA Members, FGNA Trainee Members and ATM Teachers – 23
  • For Trainees – 23
  • Sample Referral Thank You Messages – 24
  • Client Thank You – 27
  • Sample Client Thank You Messages – 28
  • About The Author – 29

Feldenkrais as a Business – Guide to Success

Documentation may be the missing business process to help you discover insight, make your work creative and adaptable, the results more consistent and repeatable and your business more profitable.

Measurable and repeatable may become your new business mantra.

Determine exactly what [clients] want, learn what current or past experiences have adversely or beneficially affected them, select and implement a suitable Feldenkrais lesson strategy and then observe and track the outcomes.

Measurable and repeatable outcomes may be two of the most important ingredients to running your Feldenkrais practice as a profitable business.

When you have data to track and measure session results, it can be used to refine your skills as a practitioner and create insights that help make your outcomes more consistent and repeatable.

Client forms can serve as a type of memory database, relieving you of the responsibility to remember and reconnect with all the details of each client.


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