Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 1

Improving the Alignment of Your Back, Neck and Pelvis
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Author: Eileen Bach-y-Rita
Media: MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons


Vol. 1 – Improving the Alignment of Your Back, Neck, and Pelvis

The Feldenkrais at Home Series uses safe, gentle, relaxing, non-impact movements for optimal skeletal alignment, physical mobility, and a pain-free life. Free your back and neck from chronic stiffness and pain. Recover youthful posture and movement. All the movement sequences in this program serve to calm and focus the mind and to increase the ability to concentrate.

The alignment of your skeleton and the flexibility of your spine lead to an efficient and pain-free way of standing and moving. Improve the alignment of your back, neck, and pelvis. When your pelvis, head, and chest become aligned and coordinated in their movements, you discover a new agility, a feeling of ease and comfort in your body. This easy-to-follow program leads you through many easy movements for the spine, back, neck and pelvis. These audios are for everyone, including people recovering from back injuries.

  • Relieve physical pain
  • Improve posture and mobility at any age
  • Keep your brain young!
  • Recover from illness or injury
  • Excellent for athletes and performing artists
  • Listen to a Sample

    Lessons Include:

    1. Free Your Spine to Improve Your Back

    2. Relax Your Neck and Shoulders!
    3. Roll Like a Baby for a Better Neck
    4. Learn to Bend, Lying on Your Back
    5. Pelvis and Head Circles for a Better Back
    6. Move Your Middle Spine and Walk with Ease<

    I haven’t had any trouble with my back since I started your tapes two months ago. Before that, I was in constant pain.

    Elaine Hollingsworth

    I am so thankful that you once gave me these tapes! They are now helping me heal my back. Your Feldenkrais movement sessions are so wonderful and so Kabbalistic!


    I had a brain tumor. Following surgery, your tapes were a breakthrough for me. The cadence, rhythm and the way you presented ideas caused my movements to flow and my body to move.

    J. Larsen

    Zurich, Switzerland

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