Fluid Strength Yoga Practice

Vitalizing the Body & Resting the Mind


Author: Faye Berton
Media: Book, Paperback, 151 Pages

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Fluid Strengthtm is a holistic yoga practice that cultivates whole-body strength and coordination. Rhythmic movement patterns — rather than traditional asana — are used to cultivate changes in your body. These movements are based on principles of the Feldenkrais Method®. The potency of the movements is magnified by being infused with vigorous breathing and Ayurvedic healing principles. You will develop functional strength, increases energy and refine your self-awareness. Through consciously engaging prana, Fluid Strength awakens spontaneous meditation and frequently stimulates a seemingly miraculous release of pain.

Traditional and Modern

Fluid Strength uses a traditional yoga practice model of resting (savasana) after each movement. This traditional model is echoed in the modern exercise notion of interval training. The resting phase in Fluid Strength is used to cultivate deep systemic quiet and a meditative mind.

Accessible and Challenging

The Fluid Strength practice is simultaneously accessible and challenging to all levels of students. Beginning students benefit from the simplicity of the movement patterns. People with a highly trained body discover refined levels of body intelligence and fresh movement potential. 

What People are Saying

"I knew immediately when I began studying with Faye that I had found a master teacher. Fluid Strength has provided me space to grow and flourish on all levels. I am constantly transformed by the practice and have learned to approach whatever comes up with a sense of play and lightness."

Krista Langberg, Performing Artist, McKnight Fellow 2017

"Before I started taking Fluid Strength classes I was having my back injected with steroids every three months. I started Fluid Strength 3 years ago and have not needed an injection since. It truly has changed my life."

Mencke, Ph.D., President, Decision Design, Inc.

  • Table of Contents

    • Forward
    • Preface – Is Fluid Strength for You?
    • Introduction – Orientation to this Book

    • The Fluid Strength Yoga Practice – 21
    • The Story – 23
    • Seated Spinal Awareness – 26
    • What is Fluid Strength? – 31
    • But It Doesn’t Look Like Yoga! – 33
    • About the Movements – 39
    • Neuro-Moment:
    • Befriending the Body – 40
    • Fluid Strength Movements – 41
    • Rib-Cage-Tap Breathing – 43
    • Spinal Flip – 49
    • Resting – 55
    • TransitionalAwareness – 57
    • Four Phases of Practice – 58
    • Stopping – 63
    • We Need Wisdom – 67
    • Empowering the Movements – 71
    • Neuro Moment: Working with Imbalances – 72
    • Midline and Mermaid Legs – 73
    • Midline Meditations 75
    • Qualities of Movement – 77
    • Exploring Qualities – 78

    • The Fluid Strength Movements – 87
    • Practice Structure – 89
    • Wisdom Words – 90
    • Neuro-Moment: Trying Less – 92
    • The Movements – 93
    • Neurological Cleansers – 125 
    • Alternating Clamshell – 128
    • Eye & Head Differentiation – 129
    • Practice Options – 131
    • Minute Practices – 132
    • Movement Index – 139
    • Movements – 140
    • Resources – 146
    • Contributors – 148
    • Contacts & Credits – 150

The Fluid Strength Movements

Whole-body movements that mimic activities of daily life, done with greater intensity and duration, are a highly effective way of cultivating the body. These kinds of movements challenge us to strengthen and mobilize our body in ways that we actually use it. 

The movement patterns of Fluid Strength are based on principles of functional strength.  Current neuro-motor research tells us that dynamic, functionally-related movements are one of the best ways of improving strength, balance, agility, and coordination. In Fluid Strength, every movement is done with awareness of the whole body. Combined with vigorous breath, these movements enliven the body, awaken healing energy, and frequently result in a spontaneous release of pain. 


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