Freedom and Carriage of Your Head

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Author: Mary Spire
Media: MP3 Download, 3 Feldenkrais Lessons


The focus of this audio program is freeing your head, neck, jaw, and breathing. These three inter-related lessons explore the relationships of intention, imagination and action — and the resulting evolving freedom and choices in your movement and thinking.

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Lessons Include:

  1. Flex and Extend Your Spine, Free Your Tongue and Jaw – 56:41
    On back, belly, and sitting: free your neck, tongue, and jaw while bending and extending your spine.
  2. Lengthen Your Arms to Free Your Chest, Shoulders, and Pelvis – 51:23
    On back and belly: re-organize your chest and spine as you lengthen your arms. 
  3. Roll Your Head and Pelvis – 5:45
    In three positions, roll your head in-between your hands and roll your pelvis.

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    I’ve been having limited range of movement which makes it difficult for me to move my neck, which also caused stiffness in my back area. The Feldenkrais method, which I’ve purchased for different physical problems, has been a great relief, make me more flexible and leaving me with a feeling of ease. Try it for yourself you will be amazed, but you got to dedicate sometime to do the guided exercises.

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