Getting Connected


Author: Alan Questel
Media: 7 CDs in Binder or MP3 Download, 8Feldenkrais Lessons


The whole world is getting more connected…the internet…Facebook…everywhere we turn there seems to be another chance to connect to some one, for some reason, for some thing.

But what about getting more connected to yourself? How can you become more successful at this? The connections within you are infinitely more exciting and engaging than you might ever have imagined. And when you become more connected with yourself, it’s pretty likely that you will connect better with others!

In this audio program of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons, you will explore new ways you can become more connected to yourself…with yourself…through yourself — from the internal feeling of being connected…to the connection of movement through your skeleton.

Imagine a program where you continually get to click your own “like” button! Come and get more connected!!!

Listen to the Introduction

Program Includes

  1. Introduction – 10:06
  2. Getting Connected… – 08:20
  3. ATM 1: Coming Up Through Your Skeleton – 47:48
  4. Discussion: Differences between our sides, Improving ourselves in approximations – 06:43
  5. Discussion: Cramps & Different Demands, How do we know we are connected to ourselves – 03:41
  6. ATM 2: Your Pelvis & Your Breathing – 47:41
  7. Discussion: Using our breath to be connected, Staying connected in our social self – 03:28
  8. Discussion: How to stay with ourselves and talk – 15:01
  9. ATM 3: Your Center…Your Tanden – 35:34
  10. Discussion: Practicing being in a process, Enlightenment – 05:08
  11. ATM 4: Lifting Your Pelvis With More of Yourself – 28:47
  12. Discussion: Symmetry & asymmetry, Moving meditation, Multi-tasking, Vitality, Differentiating our feelings and actions, Working too hard, Tension, Wondering – 22:34
  13. ATM 5: Tanden With Ropes – 43:40
  14. Discussion: Getting rid of something/The feeling of…today, One ongoing exploration – 08:21
  15. ATM 6: Circling Your Arm and More… – 41:01
  16. Discussion: Novel movements, Confusion in lessons…learning – 04:58
  17. Discussion: How else do we connect?, Working with a partner – Connecting with your hands – 08:51
  18. ATM 7: Inhabiting Your Hands – 34:28
  19. Discussion: My hands changed… How we touch changes how someone moves, Where did we learn to touch? – 04:19
  20. ATM 8: Connecting to Yourself – 34:43
  21. I hope… Thank you and goodbye – 02:25


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