Getting Hip


Author: Alan Questel
Media: 6 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons


Want to get hip, literally?

In movement, this can be done by discovering your hip joints. Your hip joints are the key to easy and comfortable movement, but they are also mysterious and hidden from our self-image. To move from your hip joints is more than just a nice idea, it is an experience you can embrace and utilize more and more frequently in your daily life. Discovering your hip joints and exploring their potential for movement can help you experience new possibilities for moving through your life with a comfort that you had previously only hoped for.

Getting Hip is more than just being cool… it is finding an ease and grace for creating more enjoyment in all the things you do.

Listen to the Introduction

Program Contents:

  1. Introduction – 15:34
  2. ATM® 1: Getting to know your hip joints – 45:31
  3. Discussion – 06:25
  4. Discussion: Where are our hip joints? – 06:13
  5. ATM 2: Hooking your toe #1 – 40:08
  6. Discussion – 05:05
  7. Discussion: Our whole self! Pain…when? Function, learning and our internal conversations – 07:49
  8. ATM 3: Getting to know your hip joints in another way – 35:49
  9. Discussion… and a short experiment – 05:03
  10. ATM 4: Hooking your toe #2 – 20:18
  11. Discussion – 04:21
  12. Discussion: Pain, Taking care of ourselves, The use of our attention, Trusting yourself…or the experts? – 20:11
  13. ATM 5: Reaching out from your pelvis – 45:35
  14. Discussion – 06:54
  15. ATM 6: Hooking your toe #3 – 37:29
  16. Discussion: Symmetry and appreciating differences – 06:07
  17. Discussion: Proportional distribution of movement, moving our pelvis from both ends and stability – 14:29
  18. ATM 7: The Feldenkrais Crawl – 39:04
  19. Discussion: Being inclusive of our experiences and a story about Margaret Mead – 04:03
  20. ATM 8: Towards an upright posture – 26:21
  21. Discussion and goodbye – 04:31


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