May the Force Go Through You


Author: Alan Questel
Media: 6 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons


Easier, more comfortable living can emerge from a more efficient use of our skeleton, yet this ability is a hidden and relatively unperceived aspect of who we are.

The function of our skeleton to bear weight and transmit force is underutilized in our everyday use. Finding our skeleton allows a new way for us to interact with our environment.

Through Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®), we will discover how we can become more “skeletal,” resulting in a new and more vital sense of ourselves in a truly foundational way.

Listen to the Introduction

Program Contents:

  1. Intro and some of the ideas we’ll be exploring – 14:16
  2. ATM 1: Using The Ground To Move Yourself – 57:59
  3. Discussion: Using ourselves in surprising ways, A change is how different we are from our habitual way of sensing ourselves – 06:56
  4. ATM 2: Turning Through The Top Of Your Head – 30:45
  5. Discussion: How novelty can affect us, The antagonistic relationship of our muscles, Ben Gurion standing on his head – 05:03
  6. ATM 3: Rocking And Oscillating Through Yourself #1 – 43:27
  7. Discussion: Stable… mobile… stable, Uncomfortable or unfamiliar – 03:28
  8. ATM 4: Minimal Lifting – Organizing Yourself At The Initiation – 35:30
  9. Discussion: Lots of ideas – 21:39
  10. ATM 5: Impossible Lifting Or Possible Pressing – 45:45
  11. Discussion: And more ideas – 04:58
  12. ATM 6: Sitting To Stand With More Of Yourself – 37:43
  13. Discussion: What changes, Reminding ourselves, The feeling of surprise and utilizing things – 05:07
  14. Discussion: What is a well organized movement, Feelings, Sympathetic vibrations – 05:45
  15. ATM 7: Rocking And Oscillating Through Yourself #2 – 43:22
  16. Discussion: What if I don’t feel something – 02:06
  17. ATM 8: Walking With Your Back… Letting The Force Go Through You – 30:59
  18. Discussion: What we do with our bellies, Remembering to like yourself – 03:35


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