Perception – It’s Not What You Think


Author: Alan Questel
Media: Streaming or MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons


Perception is the ability to become aware of something through our senses; how we make sense of the world. Through our perceptions, we develop perspectives of what we think, what we feel, how we act, and define who we are. And all of this exists and occurs within your body and how you move.

Sensing differences in yourself through movement is the vehicle to change how you feel, think, and act…a kind of hidden treasure! The ability to shift your perceptions…your perspectives is the road of awareness. This shift can lead to new understandings, new insights, and different ways of approaching your work, relationships, and play. This road of awareness can guide you to fresh ways of thinking, greater creativity, and the ability to see yourself and others in a new light.

Utilizing Feldenkrais® – Awareness Through Movement® lessons, you will create new ways of perceiving yourself and the world around you. You will broaden your understanding of how you view things. And discover there are many more ways to see the world than you might have imagined. Through movement, you can change what you think, what you feel, and how you perceive the world.

Your perceptions aren’t necessarily what you think; they are just what you believe at this moment.

Listen Alan's Introduction


  1. Intro / Humor / Liking ourselves more / Perception & perspective / How long? / Systemic thinking / Possibilities 
  2. How to do ATM
ATM 1 – X-position / Lengthening and shortening 
  4. Discussion / Different perception of the same thing / Different experience, just another lesson / Wrong!?! / How uncomfortable… / Nausea / Imagining…to doing / One way of dealing with pain / Intro to next ATM 

  5. ATM 2 – DaVinci Scan – Measuring parts 

  6. Discussion / Orientation & perception / Proportions / Symmetry-asymmetry / Not every lesson is for 
everybody / Imagining / Feeling differences 

  7. Discussion / Strengths and weaknesses / Going towards and away / Correcting or doing something well / 
Symmetry & functional symmetry / Where we put our attention 

  8. ATM 3 – Attention on the return

  9. Discussion / One sided lessons / Using the ground / Initiating from different places / The pause / Are we really asleep? 
  10. ATM 4 – Folding and unfolding 

  11. Discussion / Examples of how a system works / Science / Front and back / What is truth? / Peters 
Projection Map / The Geography of Thought / The Powers of 10 / The best and the worst that can happen 
ATM 5 – Converging / diverging your eyes 

  13. Discussion / How a lesson might affect us / Stability & mobility / Glasses & walls / Moving towards or 
something moving towards / Movies / Muscles & eyes / How our eyes can affect us / Details & big picture / 
Eyes & the ocean / Lasik surgery 
Intro to ATM 6
ATM 6 – Prayer lesson

  16. Discussion / How a context affects us…gentle commands / Taking care of Ourselves / Differentiating our feelings from our actions / Is it a religion? 
  17. ATM 7 – Hands & knees with attention to the other side 
  18. Discussion / Nice feelings / Bacon / Rests
ATM 8 – Turning around a central axis
Discussion: That made it easier / Experience vs. talking / Thank you and goodbyes…kindness…and barking! 

Total Complete recording time: 7h 34:20


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