The Core Action Program

For Runners and Triathletes
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Author: Jae Gruenke
Media: MP3 Download, PDF Transcripts, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons


End your struggles with bad running form and recurring injury, run more smoothly and efficiently, and enjoy your running more.

The Core Action Program helps you master the fundamentals of comfortable, healthy, efficient natural running form. This program is for runners who want to learn to run healthy, perform their best and feel great.

It’s especially targeted for runners who have recurring injuries, who want to transition to minimalist shoes or barefoot running, or who want to take their performance to a new level. Beginners will learn how to run right from their first steps.

You will learn:
  • The key elements of healthy, natural running form and how they connect to and reinforce each other
  • The movements of your core that control your footstrike and end overstriding and heelstriking
  • What to do with your arms and head to run faster and feel great
  • How to reduce injury-promoting asymmetries in your gait
What makes this program different?

You may have bought books about how to run, watched YouTube videos, bought DVDs, and done running form drills and been disappointed with the results. What makes the Core Action Program different is that we use the time-tested techniques of the Feldenkrais Method® to help you feel how your body really works, know the sensations that accompany healthy efficient running and be able to access them.

The Feldenkrais Method is renowned for helping people struggling with very challenging movement difficulties, including people who have been severely injured, children born with developmental difficulties, adults living with Parkinson’s and MS, and artists and athletes performing at world-class levels. When you learn how to do something using the Feldenkrais Method, it becomes yours — part of your natural, instinctive movement vocabulary. You’ll go beyond intellectually “knowing” how you’re supposed to run to skillfully doing it.

The three-week Core Action Program consists of:
  • Three audio Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons that help you learn how to run healthy by feel. Load them onto an MP3 player and do the lessons before you run.
  • Three short audio refresher lessons to reinforce your learning when time is tight.
  • Transcripts of the lessons and refreshers.
  • Scan sheets to help you focus on your form when you run.

Listen to a Sample

Program Includes:

  1. Loosening Up To Run – 37:45
  2. Loosening Up To Run refresher – 17:53
  3. Running The Wall – 26:35
  4. Running The Wall refresher – 10:49
  5. Running On All Fours – 30:51
  6. Running On All Fours refresher – 9:04
  7. Bonus Overstriding Quick Fix – 32:20
  8. Bonus Tips, Tricks, Strategies – PDF
  9. Includes PDF Transcripts of Each Lesson

What People are Saying

My knee pain has diminished over the past month, my Achilles no longer aches, and I can continue distance training again…This program has given me so many tools to help me run safely and efficiently. For the past several months I have debated whether or not I could run another marathon injury free which is why I postponed my NYC Marathon deferment to 2014. Now, I feel I could run another marathon this fall.


Each run that I do increases my awareness of body parts that I had forgotten I had. It is amazing seeing these movements becoming ingrained and I’m so excited at the possibilities ahead for my running!

S. B.

I’ve watched your video on common running mistakes — it’s great. Also, I have used for 3 weeks the recordings “Loosening up to Run,” “Running the Wall,” and “Running on all Fours.” I have to tell you, you’ve helped my running immensely! I’ve gotten smoother, more rhythmic. Also, I think less about form and feel it more. I’m more out of my head and more in my body. It’s really beautiful, so thank you!

Bill Saunders

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  1. catherine main (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Feeling better already. Jae is very clear in her explanations and material can be immediately integrated into running.

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