The Mythic Wheel of Life

Finding Your Place in the World


Author: Charles Faulkner
Media: 3 CDs in a Binder, Chapterized MP3 Download or Chaperized Audiobook Download and a 16-page digital booklet


Only 25 years ago, stories were thought to be only for children and old people. “Serious” people studied science for the facts. As it turns out, we don’t live in a world of facts. We live in worlds of meaning, in worlds of myth and metaphor, made by our imaginations.

Through a lively mix of lecture, demonstration, exercises and lots of metaphors and stories, Charles will guide you through these worlds and around The Mythic Wheel of Life. You’ll learn how your personal Living Metaphors are part of a deeper and natural order in the very structure of your unconscious mind. You’ll learn how this structure shapes your dreads and desires, and how it combines with time to create the seasons of your life. With a conscious appreciation of this deep structure found in everyone’s imagination, you’ll see how myths and metaphors are being expressed all around you, and gain new and exciting ways to create living change for yourself and others.

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Program Includes:

Metaphors, Time and Imagination

How the world we really live in is in our imagination. The meta-metaphors of life. How our unconscious metaphors determine our dreads and desires. How to elicit a person’s or organization’s Living Metaphors.

Changing Your Time and Season

How Living Metaphors exist in time and the seasons of the year and how to use this to naturally create profound personal transformation.

The Mythic Wheel of Life

An introduction to the unconscious structure of stories. The history of the world as story and metaphor. How to determine the themes of your life and significant characters in it to find your place and enrich it.

How often does someone offer you a key to the door of subjective experience? Charles Faulkner’s Metaphors of Identity is just such a key. 

David Gordon

Co-Developer NLP; author, Therapeutic Metaphors

One secret to personal growth is to change the metaphors you live by. These clever, excellent tape sets offer clear, effective techniques to recognize and change the story lines that drive you. 

Thomas Condon

Co-Director Multi-Evocation

A stunning look at metaphors and their relationship to everyday life. Grasp their profound meaning from these seminars on tape. 

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