The Pleasure of Challenge – The Challenge of Pleasure

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Author: Alan Questel
Media: Streaming or MP3 Download, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons


Did you ever think it could be a challenge for you to have more pleasure in your life? 

Or could you imagine experiencing greater pleasure when you are faced with a challenge?

Pleasure and challenge, experiences that are too often exclusive of each other, will be the focus of this audio workshop. Utilizing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons, you will safely and enjoyably inquire into your process. The result will be an enhancement of your understanding of how you respond to the challenge of finding more pleasure in your life and the pleasure of meeting that challenge.

Listen to the Introduction

Program Contents:

  1. Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method® – 16:17
  2. How to do ATM – 02:16 
  3. ATM 1: Pleasurable Arms, Pleasurable Self – 33:00 
  4. Discussion: Comfort and Breathing – 01:58 
  5. ATM 2: Paradoxical Breathing – 25:51 
  6. Discussion: Adaptation to change, The right way to do something, Getting sleepy – 08:24 
  7. Discussion: Kinds of Challenges – 02:04 
  8. ATM 3: Puzzle #1 – 29:57 
  9. Discussion: Frustration, laughter and curiosity – 03:00 
  10. ATM 4: Even distribution of effort – 24:52 
  11. Discussion: Symmetry-Asymmetry, Learning how to learn, Sustaining ourselves in challenge, Our skeleton – 17:47 
  12. ATM 5: Puzzle #2 – 25:43 
  13. Discussion: Tight bellies, How to teach the other side – 04:14 
  14. Discussion: What part of you needs to be in a room to be in the room, What is walking? – 07:48 
  15. ATM 6: Walking with your back – 27:40 
  16. Discussion: Stability-Mobility, Getting Old – 03:18 
  17. ATM 7: Taking off your… – 22:15 
  18. Thank you and goodbye – 00:50

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  1. Yousef Mubarak (verified owner)

    As someone fairly new to Feldenkrais, I want something that is both practical and helps me understand the method. Alan Questal does a great job of both. The ATM instructions are easy to follow and the talks before and after do a great job of integrating theory and method.

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