What is Walking?


Author: Alan Questel
Media: MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons


We all walk … a lot! The only other things we do more than walking are breathe, move our eyes and use our hands. But walking is much more than just putting one foot in front of the other (anyone who has been challenged in their walking will tell you that). And with all that walking we do, do we really understand it?

In this audio program, you will understand more of what you do when you walk and how you do it and find ways of walking that are easier, more efficient and more graceful. Putting one foot in front of the other will take on new meaning with insights into how much the rest of you can be walking with you.

Listen to Alan's Introduciton

Program Contents:

  1. Introduction: Being fortunate; Liking ourselves more; Different perspectives; What is walking? What is happening when you walk? What interferes with walking? – 19:39 
  2. ATM 1: Dual pelvic clocks – 41:37 
  3. Discussion: Taking care of ourselves; Finding out – 06:29 
  4. ATM 2: Painting the floor with the soles of the feet – 39:24 
  5. Discussion: Improving walking, improving details; Running shoes; Improving your brush stroke – 06:17 
  6. Intro to ATM 3: What is walking; The Spinal Engine – 01:48 
  7. ATM 3 – Walking in sitting – 42:15 
  8. Discussion: Front of the heel – 01:35 
  9. ATM 4: Swinging to Connect further through you – 30.41 
  10. Discussion: What am I doing differently? Stars in a constellation; Noise or discomfort? Different ways of thinking about walking; Distribution of movement; Patterns of movement; Changing the threshold – 14:07 
  11. ATM 5: Sacral clock – 50:38 
  12. Discussion: Learning something new; How we sense ourselves – 03:18 
  13. Intro to ATM 6: Moshe and Judo – 02.54 
  14. ATM 6: The relationship between our head and our pelvis – 37:35 
  15. Discussion: Improvement in spite of challenge – 03:51 
  16. Intro to ATM 7: Stepping up and down – 00:51 
  17. ATM 7: Stepping up and down – 41:13 
  18. Discussion: Old habits, new habits – 02:19 
  19. ATM 8: Walking with your back – 34:17 
  20. Discussion: What walking is…what it could be – 00:57 


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