Worlds Within a Word

The Metaphors of Movement and Change


Author: Charles Faulkner
Media: 2 MP3 CDs in a Binder, Chapterized MP3 Download or Chaperized Audiobook Download and a 16-page digital booklet


Every word you use reveals a world in which you live unconsciously. You might say you are stuck or blocked, or focused or full of energy, and each of these words reveals how you experience the difficulties in your life and how you endeavor to deal with them. The thing of it is, is that all of us tend to rely on only a few, which can make getting to your goals and desires in life more difficult than it really is. In this program, Charles will guide you through several simple yet transformative exercises to make getting to your goals as easy and inevitable as your original desires for them.

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Program Includes:

Discovering a World Within

Explore your desires and goals, discover how you deal with barriers, and learn to improve your metaphors for goals.

Metaphors of Movement

Learn about the nine types of metaphors and discover your inner landscape.

Altering Your Inner Landscape

Learn how to scale your inner landscape and discover the metaphors of movement.

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