Strengthening Your Hands and Arms

The Feldenkrais Way


Author: Donna Ray
Media: MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons

Looking for upper body strength and coordination? Here’s a way to reduce pain and discomfort in your hands and arms while increasing your power and strength. Whether it’s pain and soreness from working a keyboard or any repetitive motions with your hands and arms, these lessons are for you.

Listen to a Sample

Lessons Include:

  1. Integrating the Arm with the Pelvis – 31:00
  2. Organizing Your Upper Body Strength – 35:00
  3. Using your Hand with the Rest of Your Body – 20:44
  4. Arm and Shoulder Flexibility – 26:50
  5. Softening the Hands – 27:03
  6. Finding Strength in Your Arms – 27:34


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