The Dynamic Musician Series

Dynamic Stability and Breath, vol. 1 and 2
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Author: John Tarr
Media: MP3 Download with Booklets, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons

This series focuses on the two most fundamental aspects of singing and wind instrument playing: relaxed posture and freer breathing.

The lessons, focus on dynamic stability while sitting and standing. You will begin to notice improvements in your posture, as well as your breathing. As the series progresses you will be guided from dynamic stability to dynamic breath, where you further refine and deepen your own personal style of breathing.

Benefits of the series include

  • Refine and deepen your breath 
  • Increase vital lung capacity 
  • Find more ease and comfort while sitting and standing 
  • Enhance sound quality, intonation and expressive capabilities 
  • Make practicing and performing more effective 

Listen to a Sample

Lessons Include

  1. Introduction and freeing the sides of your torso – 28:20
  2. Folding and unfolding your torso while sitting – 24:44 
  3. Side lying and gentle twisting, breathing with a gentle twist – 28:02 
  4. Pelvic Rolling and breathing – 23:49 
  5. Oscillating your chest and Abdomen – 25:32 
  6. Extending your lower abdomen while exhaling – 26:54 
  7. Pacing your breath – 27:27 
  8. Breathing our with alternating movements of contracting and and extending your abdomen – 26:17

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