The Effortless Swing Approach

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Author: Bonnie Kissam
Media: MP3 Download with Booklet, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons

The Effortless Swing Approach is a series of four movement and awareness lessons designed to bring every golfer back to the natural, easy movements we knew before age, injury, and stress combined to slow us down. Bonnie Kissam, M.A., reacquaints you with your optimal mind/body coordination. Step by step, you are guided through a new way of understanding efficient action. You learn that by relaxing your breathing, minimizing your motions and ‘seeing’ yourself in the action of swinging, you can become a stronger, more consistent golfer. These movement and awareness lessons help focus attention on your skeletal movements, patterns of action and the creation of new possibilities. Golfers learn to establish a feel for lightness and ease as they improve their timing, balance, and alignment.

Listen to the Introduction

Program Includes:

  1. Introduction – 6:37
  2. Preparation – 11:30
  3. Connecting Your Arms to Your Pelvis – Lying on Your Back, Reaching – 12:25
  4. Connecting Your Arms to Your Pelvis – Side-lying, Reaching – 15:40
  5. Balancing Through Your Central Axis – Connecting the Arm to the Pelvis – 13:21
  6. Balancing Through Your Central Axis – Connection of Head to Spine – 12:41
  7. Your Central Axis – Your Spine – Bending and Arching – 17:56
  8. Your Central Axis – Your Spine – Rotating and Turning – 20:56
  9. Dynamic Balance – Circling Around Your Hip Joints – 14:20
  10. Dynamic Balance – Rotating Around Your Spine – 16:44
  11. Dynamic Balance – Repeat Action Scan with seven Iron – 2:09

To participate in this audio recording, you will need a seven iron, a firm flat chair and a carpet or mat for lying down.

This course was the best I’ve taken. I review the ideas before I play golf and it’s helped my game. I feel less anxious; my swing is easier, and my drives go further, more consistently. 

Ann D.

Connecticut 2003

I was working with my daughter, who hits the ball nicely but has an injured back. I believe many of the ideas that you emphasize, such as moving softly with more fluid action, helped me help her to swing with more ease and comfort. 

Dave Wall

Golf Professional

I knew what to do from my golf lessons, but the body awareness helped me apply the knowing. I also found my ability to focus improved.


Insurance Executive

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