Turning Air Into Sounds

Vocal Integration with the Feldenkrais Method Vol. 2
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Author: Richard Corbeil
Media: MP3 Stream or Download, 3 Feldenkrais Lessons

Learning to crawl is essential before you walk and run. There is also a chronological hierarchy of learning to use your voice. You need to learn specific functions inherent to using your voice and how they link to speaking and singing.

In this series, Richard will guide you through the reciprocal relationships between breath and voice, leading to more efficient ways of turning air into sounds.

Lessons Include

Lesson 1: Finding your Authentic Voice 

Your authentic voice is devoid of anything artificial; it results from efficiently breathing and simply and easily turning air into sounds. This lesson will help you discover and experience the unique quality of your authentic voice.

Listen to a sample of Lesson 1:

Lesson 2: Improving the Entire Breathing Cycle

Combining the Feldenkrais Method®, Stough’s Coordination of the Breathing Process, and the Coué’s Method of positive affirmation, this lesson helps you attain the most efficient breathing patterns while reducing effort when vocalizing.

Lesson 3. Holding and releasing breath and voice

This lesson will prompt your voice to emerge free. From a systematic differentiation of breathing movements to the use of our larynx, discover the ultimate feeling of letting it all out!

3 reviews for Turning Air Into Sounds

  1. Dawne R. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy! Much appreciated!

  2. Richard D. (verified owner)

    An interesting Feldenkrais take on exploring breathing in a vocal context.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)


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