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Begin Your Feldenkrais Journey

You have important things you want to do in life.

For you, that may be easily getting down on the floor to play with your kids, grandkids, or pets and getting back up again. Or you may want to get back to gardening and taking long walks.

Or maybe you want to get that edge in your athletic performance. Or you just want to end the day feeling good instead of tired.

Something prevents you from doing that - you've had an injury, accident, or illness. Or maybe you are under chronic stress or feel anxiety. Or perhaps you have had surgery, or something neurological or age-related has happened.

And like many people, you've been to the doctor, done the physical therapy, been to the chiropractic, and tried other modalities. But the problem, or some echo of it, still persists.

The bottom line is you are not where you want to be in life. There are things you want to do, and you still can't do them, or you can't do them as comfortably and efficiently as you want.



How do you get out of pain and regain your abilities?

Feldenkrais lessons!

Feldenkrais lessons re-educate your brain and nervous system in a fundamental way to make your movements easy, safe, and comfortable. They are effective in ways other modalities are not.

Feldenkrais lessons use developmental learning strategies to facilitate change. This was Dr. Feldenkrais' brilliant insight. Development as a child is somewhat haphazard and usually incomplete. But as adults, we can systematically use developmental learning to improve ourselves and complete our development. 

"We make the impossible possible, the difficult easy, and the easy elegant."

- Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Most people come to the Feldenkrais Method® because they have a physical issue with which they want help. And they get what they want. They get out of pain, and they get on with their lives so they can do what they want in life.

Things that seemed impossible become possible, like recovering your balance and coordination after an accident, stroke, or surgery.

Things that were difficult become easy, like getting up and down from the floor or turning to look over your shoulder when you back out of a parking space.

And the easy become elegant. Those movements that were already good at also improve. If you are an athlete, you get the edge on your performance. If you love to cook, your cooking becomes more fluid and pleasurable. If you are a builder, you can work more efficiently and feel better at the end of the day.

Through Feldenkrais lessons, you can:

  • Eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Improve brain fitness and physical intelligence
  • Change limiting habits into comfortable patterns of movement
  • Heal faster and more completely from injuries
  • Discover natural good posture and better balance

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