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Feldenkrais for Life Podcast

In each episode, we discuss ideas and experiences about the Feldenkrais Method. You will learn skills that move you from pain to comfort, anxiety to ease, explore learning and spark creativity. Check it out! You will like what you hear.

Al Wadleigh, GCFP

Feldenkrais Practitioner

Donna Ray

Feldenkrais Trainer & Practitioner

“I’m just writing to say a huge thank you for your podcast. I started practicing Feldenkrais again after a couple of years break, and then discovered your podcast because I wanted to learn more. You both explain things so clearly, it’s fantastic! Very succinct too. 

“I was pondering whether or not to do the Feldenkrais training in Australia this year, and listening to your podcast has helped me make up my mind. Feldenkrais feels like magic to me and I’m so keen to deepen my relationship with myself and the world.”

— Chantelle

"I have been listening to all your podcasts with Donna (over and over again). I find your conversations and teachings so helpful in learning about the Feldenkrais Method.  You are taking a lot of the mystery out of how the method benefits us in so many ways. I'm 75 and interested in using the Feldenkrais Method to regain and retain mobility and learn all I can about the Feldenkrais Method and how to apply the teachings in my life."

— cheryl