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Feldenkrais Zoom Classes

One of my greatest passions is teaching Awareness Through Movement. We are sensing, feeling, thinking and moving beings. The interplay of these four systems are explored in Awareness Through Movement. It's not just about movement or awareness. It's about the many ways organizing consciousness can have long-lasting beneficial health effects for us. It's a way of exploring who we are and improving ourselves at the very fundamental level of our neurology.

Feldenkrais Workshops

Ge the immersive experience of a live in-the-moment workshop. You deepen your learning by doing a series of lessons in close proximity in time. Your brain and nervous system make connections between the experiences that help to generalize your abilities. Plus you have the opportunity for a live discussion to answer your questions and share experiences.

Feldenkrais online courses

Feldenkrais lessons are an exploration the human experience. Movement is central to everything we do - how we sense ourselves and the world around us, every thought we have, and all of our emotions. Understanding this allows us to use movement and awareness to explore these domains of experience.

Through online courses you can work at your own pace and go more deeply into ideas that might get glossed over in a live workshop or webinar. Coming sometime in the near future. Until then, stay curious.


With Feldenkrais Lessons You Can

  • Use your mind to change your brain and body
  • Reduce and eliminate pain
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Learn to move with more power and less effort 
  • Develop mindfulness through movement
  • Clarify your mind-body-brain map
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Learn skills for life-time improvement
  • Do what is important to you in life

"Al Wadleigh is a phenomenal Feldenkrais practitioner. Through his lessons I have experienced a dramatic decrease in chronic pain, greater mobility, and a resiliency which allows for quicker recovery time after injury."

Constance Hunter

Longmont, CO

Al is an incredible Feldenkrais practitioner and teacher. I was amazed how effective the classes were in reducing pain, improving strength and movement. I highly recommend this class for anyone who has had a stroke or as an adjunct for anyone undergoing physical therapy.

Liz Dunn

Cerrillos, New Mexico


Getting Ready

Preparing Your At-Home Space
Your Feldenkrais Journey
Doing Feldenkrais Lessons

What's a Lesson Like?

Watch this excellent video from the Feldenkrais Guild UK®. Andrew Dawson presents a short film demonstrating a classic Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, “Rolling up to Sit and Stand.” 

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