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Hi, I'm Al Wadleigh. I'm glad you are here! I've been practicing the Feldenkrais Method® for over 20 years. Sharing this work is my life's passion. There are several ways we can work together. Watch my video and scroll down to see my services offered.

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I'm in my mid-30s, it's 1997, and I'm in trouble. I have intense back pain, difficulty in breathing, and I feel exhausted all the time. And I have severe anxiety.

Though I've done extensive self-work through NLP training and other modalities, I still feel empty and sad. Don't get me wrong. It was helpful. Very helpful. But I feel like something important is missing from my life. I had started an audio publishing company, but I wasn't making much money at it. So I am resigned to do whatever work I can to get by.

Listen to what my students are saying


My first experience with Al was so informative. He made me feel comfortable during the entire lesson. When I got home and walked around I could feel a big difference in the way I felt hard to explain except the word ✨magical ✨ fits perfectly. I felt lighter, focused, happy, relaxed with all sorts of positive feelings. I highly recommend him, Thank you Al Wadleigh you’re incredible! 😊

— JD Imagine


I have really enjoyed Al’s chair classes because he selects lessons that help all kinds of movement, and his teaching is very creative, comprehensive, and precise. Al takes good care of each of his students. I have learned a lot and look forward to continuing with his classes.

— Gail Thompson


I absolutely LOVE this phenomenal class!!! Thanks to this class; I’m experiencing real, substantial relief (from pain) for the first time. This class transforms you from the inside out. The instructor does a fantastic job. His mastery on the subject translates into an extremely smooth and expertly guided lesson. I’m both amazed and satisfied with how much progress I have already made. This class is more than worth it; take the dive, try it out!

— Jessica McCarty

My Services

Receive my personal touch and guidance in the private setting of my Longmont studio or work with me online from the comfort of your home.

What I love about classes and workshops is that they are live events. We do them via Zoom. These lesson are fun, fascinating, and facilitate deep personal change.

Feldenkrais Workshops

Workshops are live events that include lectures, discussions of the lessons, and Feldenkrais concepts. We always have some great discussions and sharing of experiences after each lesson.

Are you ready to get started? Do you have questions? Send me a message!

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420 21st Ave Ste 110, Longmont, Colorado, 80501

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