Improve Your Posture Through Skeletal Awareness

Discover Your True Core Strength: Your Skeleton. The Key to Well-Organized, and Dynamic Posture.


by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

MP3 Download or Stream, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons, and Introductory Talk.

Discover Your True Core Strength: Your Skeleton. The Key to Well-Organized, and Dynamic Posture.

Your muscles are designed to move your skeleton and keep you erect with minimal muscular effort. We usually don't sense our skeletal structure, though. Instead, we typically feel our muscular tensions related to our emotions or the repetitive activities we've been doing.

For example, if you've been under stress, you feel tension in your chest and abdomen, causing you to round forward. Your back muscles must work harder to counter the tension in your chest and abdomen, resulting in stiffness, pain, and poor posture. The muscular effort obscures the sensation of your skeletal structure.

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Typically, we try to resolve this issue at the same level at which it was created — through stretching, getting a massage, doing physical therapy, or using some kind of topical treatment. While these things may provide temporary relief, they don't really address the core of the issue.

In this course, we address the issue at a neurological level by bringing the sensation of our skeletal structure to the foreground of our attention.

By doing so, your brain and nervous system begin to organize around your skeletal structure, reducing muscular effort, creating ease in your movements, and improving your posture.

You will develop an internal sense of yourself that feels strong and solid, upon which you can rely. Relying on your skeleton in this way improves your confidence and posture. You will feel good, look good, and move with ease and power.

In This Course, You will:

  • Gain a skeletal sense of yourself
  • Feel solid and strong
  • Move with greater ease and confidence
  • Improve your posture in a way that makes everything you do easier


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