Head and Pelvis

Creating Harmony
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By Al Wadleigh, GCFP
5 Feldenkrais lessons, MP3 Download or Streaming

Five Feldenkrais Lessons to Explore and Enhance the Relationship Between Your Head and Pelvis

Through our life experiences, we develop unconscious habits and limitations in how we move our pelvis and head. These can manifest as pain and discomfort over time.

This audio series will explore the relationship between your pelvis and head through gentle, mindful movements. Using the image of an imaginary clock dial, we'll orient and articulate the movements to create a harmonious connection between these two areas.

These lessons are designed to improve function in your jaw, neck, hip joints, lower back, and mid-back. Your chest and ribs will also become more flexible.

As you build a fluid relationship between your head and pelvis, you will experience improved balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Unwind unconscious tensions and rediscover ease in your entire self through this insightful Feldenkrais audio exploration of your head and pelvis.

Listen to the Introduction

Contents Include:

  • Head and Pelvis Introduction - 01:51
  • Pelvis and Jaw 6-12 - 39:16
  • Pelvis and Jaw 3-9 - 41:20
  • Pelvic Clock 1-12 - 43:26
  • Pelvic Clock - Painting the Floor - 47:00
  • Head and Pelvic Clocks - 52:56

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  1. Kathleen Sundmark (verified owner)

    I just finished the series for the first time through yesterday. It was an important set of lessons for me. I appreciate the guidance for body areas to sense as I started and proceeded through the lessons — including hints and suggestions.
    And I am learning slowly to move a little less but pay more attention to the movements. The last lesson (opposite movements) would have been too complicated for my poor brain, but I decided to pay attention to the movements and not the numbers in my head and it worked better for me. So thank you. I will repeat these and continue to benefit.

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    I found these lessons left me feeling balanced over my feet in a better way.

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