Opening the Back with the Hands Behind

Three Feldenkrais Chair Lessons


By Al Wadleigh, GCFP
3 Feldenkrais lessons, MP3 Download or Streaming

This unique Feldenkrais audio program gives you ease and comfort in your back and spine. Over three carefully sequenced lessons sitting in a chair, you'll embark on a journey of sensory discovery through mindful movements of your back and spine.

These lessons feature unique combinations of bending and twisting, with variations that explore the effects of placing your hands behind your back or neck, along with incorporating the use of your eyes to organize your back.

Release deeply ingrained postural patterns in your back, shoulders, and neck as tensions gradually give way, guiding you back to your natural state of flexibility and effortless posture.


  • Open the upper ribs of your back and chest
  • Discover how your eyes influence the organization of your back
  • Improve your spinal flexibility to bend and twist
  • Improve your posture for a better relationship with gravity
  • Develop a more balanced, stable sense of self

Listen to the Introduction

Contents Include:

  • Introduction (0:59)
  • Lesson 1 Side Bending and Twisting (33:53 min.)
  • Lesson 2 Extending with the Elbows Backward (34:13 min.)
  • Lesson 3 Sliding the Hand Behind the Head (32:40 min.)


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