Healthy Mouth and Jaw


By Al Wadleigh, GCFP
5 Feldenkrais lessons, MP3 Download or Streaming

Do you often experience tightness in your mouth or find yourself clenching your jaw during stressful times? 

Even after the stress subsides, you may notice lingering habits of unconscious jaw tension, teeth grinding, or tightness in your lips and tongue. 

This comprehensive Feldenkrais audio series invites you to explore every aspect of your mouth and jaw, unveiling their intricate connections to your eyes, neck, shoulders, and pelvis. Through this holistic exploration, you'll cultivate a profound sense of ease and integration throughout your entire self.

You’ll forge a deeper relationship with your physical self by meticulously examining each part through gentle movements, heightened awareness, and the power of your imagination. As you progress, you'll experience a melting away of excess tensions and discomfort.

Listen to the Introduction

In this powerful series, you will:

  • Discover gentle, mindful movements to release chronic jaw and mouth tensions
  • Learn how your mouth and jaw influence your overall posture and movement patterns
  • Explore the intricate relationships between your mouth, eyes, neck, shoulders, and pelvis
  • Cultivate a profound sense of ease, presence, and integration in your daily life

Lessons Include:

  • Introduction to Healthy Mouth and Jaw - 1:50
  • 1. Jaw, Shoulders, and Hips - 38:58
  • 2. Mouth and Head Cavity - 35:01
  • 3. Connecting the Tongue - 43:32
  • 4. Jaw, Eyes, and Lengthening - 50:19
  • 5. Protruding the Jaw - 51:49

Unlock a new level of comfort and embodied freedom - invest in this transformative Feldenkrais series today.


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