FREE! The Beginner’s Guide to Doing Feldenkrais Lessons

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by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

DVD MP4 Video Download, 1 Feldenkrais Lesson, 2 Talks, 1 Intro

What You’ll get in this Free Feldenkrais Course

The Beginner's Guide to Feldenkrais Lessons is a free downloadable course that gives you a solid understanding of what Feldenkrais Lessons are and how to do them.

  • Learn 11 key concepts of the Feldenkrais Method®
  • Learn the basic tenets of how to do a lesson
  • Experience a lesson that allows you subjectively experience the concepts and tenets
  • 4 Videos: 1 Intro, 2 Talks, and 1 Lesson

About the Feldenkrais Lesson

Benefits of the Lesson: 
  • Improve your range of motion in turning
  • Expand your peripheral vision
  • Improve your posture
  • Free your neck and shoulders of tension and pain

The lesson is a simplified version of "The Movement of the Eyes Organizes the Movement of the Body" that Dr. Feldenkrais presents in his book, Awareness Through Movement. He presented variations of the lesson in many other publications, workshops, trainings, and classes. 

I believe this speaks to the importance of this lesson for Dr. Feldenkrais. And that is why I have chosen it for this course. It contains many vivid examples of these key Feldenkrais concepts in action.

You do the lesson seated in a chair. A dining chair is ideal. Something with a firm seat and supportive back is best. A bench or stool will also do.

4 reviews for FREE! The Beginner’s Guide to Doing Feldenkrais Lessons

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  1. Ed

    Beautiful info and lessons.

  2. Laura N. (verified owner)

    This free resource is invaluable for those students new to the Feldenkrais method, and an informative reminder for seasoned students. Al is a gracious, generous, and skilled practitioner who delivers these instructive videos with the same clarity seen in his live on-line lessons. Thank you for this generous gift to the Feldenkrais community.

  3. Keith Brooks (verified owner)

  4. Ana (verified owner)

    I’m curious to liste to/ watch your image about the method. Thanks

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