Total Body Golf

Seven Steps to a Winning Game


Author: Jack Heggie
Media: 3 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons


Unleash the perfect golfer within you! Whether you are new to the game or an old pro, these seven easy lessons will improve your swing, your game, and your score. Jack Heggie, internationally-known Feldenkrais practitioner, teaches you how to use your whole body most efficiently to make every shot a winning shot. Achieve a genuinely balanced and centered stance, and a more powerful swing, which will lead to the elegant shots that characterize the true expert.

Listen to the Introduction

Program Includes:

  1. Introduction – 6:18
  2. Opening the Swing – 27:35
  3. Engaging the Feet – 21:00
  4. Activating the Spine – 18:15
  5. Integrating Turning and Shifting – 23:10
  6. Integrating the Pelvis and Shoulders – 23:09
  7. Bending to the Side – 31:58
  8. Integrating the Arms – 23:07

Author’s Comment:
By learning to engage all of the muscles in the body in the most effective way, the exercises in this tape series improve every aspect of the game, and also eliminate many of the pains and injuries often associated with golf. – Jack Heggie


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